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Over 20,000 of the World’s Real Airports & 120+ Different Aircraft!

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120+ Different Aircraft

With 120+ Aircraft to, from the 1903 Wright Flyer to the Latest Military Fighter Jets – Pro Flight Simulator gives you the opportunity to experience a huge.

20,000+ Real Airports

Take off from over 20,000 real life international airports with accurate runway markings, positioning, approaching lighting including taxiways.

Realistic World Terrain

Ultra Realistic Maps, U.S. Defense Mapping Agency – ProFlightSimulator tracks your present clock time to be able to properly and proper places in accordance with our planet.


Ultra Realistic Cockpit and Aircraft – Based to real world data Pro Flight Simulator has very smooth and fluid instrument animation with controls according to real-world data.

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Lead Programmer & Flight Enthusiast...

Pro Flight Simulator Product Owner

Developed virtual flight fanatics for this game, "Dan Freeman" was designed by.

Pro Flight Simulator is a project with a 10-year history. This project spend in real life, for Dan Freeman it was not easy.

This flight simulators for pilot training prepared, and fans are waiting now ready for use.

Users and critics of the "new generation" have called for flight simulators!

I'm sure it will create a new vision compared to other flight simulator on the market.


Why You Should Buy Pro Flight Simulator?


Pro Flight Simulator 2016

In actual Pro Flight Simulator is a flying game through which you can have real life flying experience in the comfort of your home. With all the features that a real aircrafts provide to their pilots, you can have a thrilling flying experience. Whether it is scenery, airports or aircrafts, all are realistic that enable you to fly in the real world. Developed after the work of ten years, this simulator has all the features that a professional simulator has, which makes it the best alternative to those simulators for training pilots. Here are its some of the most amazing features.

Wide range of real world airports

With a wide range of 20.000+ real world airports, Pro Flight Simulator enables you to fly and land at whichever airports you want. So, don’t miss the chance to explore the entire world.

120+ Aircrafts

This is just amazing number which is much greater than other simulators. It supports all the latest aircrafts including planes, helicopters, fighter jets which totals to 120. So, select your favorite aircraft and have the real life flying experience. Not only that, this number is further going to increase with a release new aircraft every month.

Realistic scenery

It is not that you are only provided with the realistic airports, but along with that the terrain is also realistic. As Pro Flight Simulator has integration with the Google maps and US Defense Mapping Agency, you are enabled to fly over the most realistic scenery.

Realistic controls

Pro Flight Simulator allows you to have real flight experience from your computer. Whether it is cockpit controls, flight dynamics, instruments or lighting, all the controls are based on the real aircraft. All these realistic features will make flying a challenge for you.

Real and changeable weather

Have the experience of flying your aircraft through gails, snow, rain or wind. While you are busy in flying your aircraft, the Pro Flight Simulator will fetch the current weather information from the NOAA weather service.  Also, if you are not enjoying the particular weather, you can change it according to your wish.

Live training for pilots

Due to all its realistic features, Pro Flight Simulator has been certified for commercial use and thus, is being used for training the professional pilots.

Multiplayer flying mode

Do you want to have more fun? Then search for other users online and fly in formation with them. With the Google map integration, you can easily locate other pilots and can have fun of flying together. You can also try making patterns in the sky.

Actual time zones

This amazing simulator keeps track of current clock time so that all the celestial bodies like sun, moon, and stars can be placed at proper locations. If it is early morning in London, then the Pro Flight Simulator will also show early morning when you will locate yourself London.

Free updates

In addition to all the above given main features, you are provided free updates for this simulator up to the period of 5 years.

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Real feedback from customers

What Are People Saying About Pro Flight Simulator?
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Eric Le – Ontario, Canada

“A Long Time of Enjoyable!”
“If you have performed previous flight sim games before, you’ll certainly appreciate what Serta and the team and set together. Serta includes a real champion with this particular sim. A Long Time of Enjoyable!”
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Ronald Duke – Bethalto, IL

“Super Realistic & Amazing Simulation…”
“Scenery and clouds looks super realistic. Even when you’ve possessed previous flight sim simulation before, give this a shot. PFS is definitely an amazing simulation with amazing graphics and perfect modeling. If you cannot manage to have your personal fleet ofjet planes then…”
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Milton Carr – Elyria, OH

“Absolutely Top Rated Class”
“I’ve hundreds of hrs in PC-based 777 simulators which simulator experience is completely first class. All things in the cockpit is patterned very precisely – and you’re able to control every switch, button, and take care of.”
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Douglas Burt – London, UK

“Excellent Filler Between Real Life”
“For that student aircraft pilots, much like me, this is actually the perfect filler between real life flying. With the places to fly to, it might take me several weeks. Thanks Serta for developing this”
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Kirk Hays – Pearl River, NY

“Passengers Need to Be Durable!”
“I use aircraft, there were no passengers at all, if there were passengers all were injured too much. When I download the aircraft down the runway, pretty damaged.”
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Andy Hatfield – Newton, IA

“Three days I Played Pro Flight Simulator Without Any Interval”
“The enjoyment starts when you completed installing of the whole world scenery. I performed 72 hours straight going to all of the landmarks I possibly could think about.”
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Robert Alston -Camilla, GA

“The Best Quality Simulation Game”
“Would like to state that PFS is a fantastic sim. There is a jewel here. I had been searching for a genuine flight simulator, not a game title, and that i wasn’t disappointed.”

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