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ProFlight Simulator™ Program Exposed
Don’t Buy Before You Read This

The real truth behind ProFlight Simulator™ is finally exposed in this review. Don’t rush to buy it before you’re familiar with the nitty-gritty and dirty secrets behind this software.

In the next few lines, we are going to learn how it works, suggested benefits and potential problems with it.


What Exactly is ProFlight Simulator™?

Put simply, this is a flight simulator that combines an arcade game feel with the complexity of real-life aviation. The idea behind this program is to help you experience the thrill of a real flight while sitting comfortably at home.

Once you’re in the cockpit of your dream aircraft, everything will feel as though you’re flying an actual plane. By everything we mean, the motion, weather, sound and visual illusion.

Thanks to the program’s 4K HD graphics, you will be able to traverse hills, valleys, and oceans just the same way you’d do on a real plane.


What’s More?

Unlike with real-life aviation, here you will be able to choose from over 120 airplanes and helicopters without the need for clearance from the civil aviation guys. The list of airplanes comprises the likes of :

  • Boeing 777
  • 1903 Wright Flyer
  • A330, A380
  • Antonov AN-2
  • Beechcraft Starship I
  • Bugatti 100P
  • and the list goes on and on.

Planning for a quick, domestic flight? The ProFlight Simulator™ list of helicopters will certainly impress you. It contains the likes of :

  • Boeing CH-47 Chinook
  • Robinson R22
  • Sikorsky S-70 (UH-60)
  • Eurocopter EC 135


What To Expect From This Package? 

There are so many flight simulators nowadays and it’d be difficult to know which one offers the best deal in town.

Fortunately, ProFlight Simulator™ reviews have exposed the reality behind this flight SIM :

Real-Life Scenery

The flying experience is quite realistic. Clearly, the guys who developed this program went above and beyond the call of duty to make the flying experience as close to the real-life experience as possible.

Everything from the aircraft movements to the terrain and even planetary movements and weather patterns change just like it’d happen when flying in real-life.

Real Controls

Once in the SIM cockpit, you’ll see everything and access every control just like a real pilot would. In case of instrument failure, you can rest assured to find such information on your screen as well.

Likewise, instruments that lag in real life lag in pretty much the same manner over here. In addition, the gyro drift is modeled perfectly and most importantly the magnetic compass works just as the one of a real plane.

Unlimited Travel Freedom

With over 20,000 airports on this program’s database, you can bank on it to tour the world without a visa. The program indeed contains actual military world data, supplied with unparalleled realism.

Once you choose your favorite plane, you will be able to tour every corner of the world be it in Africa, Europe or even the Great Wall of China.

The developers of this flight SIM constantly update their database by retrieving content from the US Defense Mapping Agency. That means you’ll always enjoy accurate scenery whenever on board.

Offers Training for Pilots

If you’re a trainee pilot and looking to catch up on your classwork, this program would ultimately offer you that much-needed edge. In fact, this program is duly certified for commercial use.

It provides hardware and frame-rate checks as required to avail FAA certification. That said, the ProFlightSimulator program is generally at the beta testing phase in most flight schools across the world.

Allows For Multiple Players

Looking to invite a friend over for some fun? This program allows you to locate other pilots flying in your vicinity. This allows you to meet up other online users and even put on an air show for fun.

The system is Google Map integrated which means you can find your way across any corner of the world will absolutely no worries.

Free Updates

To make the deal even sweeter, this flight SIM comes with 5 years worth of free updates. This is quite different from other services that require you to renew your license on a yearly basis.

Of course, this means you will be in a position to experience new scenery, airports, aircraft models and ATCs as they come.

You will be immediately notified whenever new updates are available via email. It is worth noting that after 5 years, you’ll be required to part with an optional $29.95 per year for new updates.


Are The ANY Bonuses?

The program itself is quite well made and you wouldn’t even need anything more to reap its benefits. However, its authors have gone ahead and provided 4 free time-limited bonuses.

In total, these bonuses would cost you in excess of $360 in retail if you were to purchase them separately :

  • BONUS #1: Interactive Scenery Designer

Educates you on how to create your own scenes and landscapes so you can enjoy a custom flight experience.

  • BONUS #2: Kelpie Flight Planner Software

Makes it super easy to plan for flights to any part of the virtual world. There’s also the “Aeron Combat Flight Simulator” which makes for an awesome companion when you’re embarking on high-adrenaline air combats.

  • BONUS #3: Professional Airplane Flying Handbook

Which is an invaluable resource for mastering basic flight maneuvers.


Ultra high definition simulation.

Reasonably priced.

Unlimited access to real airports.

Free updates for 5 years.

Currently retailing at a discounted price.



  The free updates are only available for 5 years, beyond that you’d have to pay for them.

  Currently, this program is available at Beta Testing phase and is, therefore, not fully approved for aviation training.

  No money-back guarantee upon downloading and using this program.


About The Author

This program is a brainchild of Dan Freeman, a renowned programmer, and flight enthusiast. Dan and his team have been working on this project over the last 10 years and as he reckons, it took hundreds of developers to put this together.


Final Thoughts

Looking to enjoy a real flight experience without leaving your couch? The ProFlight Simulator™ program is certainly the program for you.

It offers you a real chance to enjoy the skies and also a perfect opportunity to tour the world.

Verdict: Worth trying.

Get The Entire
ProFlight Simulator Suite
for Only $97

(Regular Price $197)

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